Hola Cannabi was founded to educate and connect people interested in the rapidly growing Hemp industry. Our goal is to take the guesswork out of building your niche business in this emerging new space.

The Story

As owners of their own CBD retail company the owners of Hola Cannabi learned about how to operate in the industry effectively. They were able to bring a product to market and along the way establish connections with some top companies. One day one of the founders was approached by someone looking to start their own CBD business. He helped him through the process, and guided him to the solution he needed. As a result the person responded, “I really wish I came to you first, because I just spent thousands of dollars with this other company, and six months working with them, which didn’t get me what I got from you in just a few hours of talking”. Just like that, a light bulb went off, and the idea behind Hola Cannabi was born. 

The creators of Hola saw a need in the market, and answered it by providing a solution that touches every point of the CBD process from seed to sale. We believe that our services give clients an advantage. We have the relationships, we have the knowledge, and we are ready to help you save months of time and thousands of dollars by providing knowledge, guidance, and access to resources so you can launch a viable and successful business. 

Are you ready to start growing your cannabis business?

We can handle all of your brand, marketing and advertising needs!

Full Service Marketing Agency

Creating the brand your customers trust is vital to your company’s success.  Let us help create the unique brand that separates your company from the rest.

Hola Cannabi can design your logo, develop your website and create your entire business image.  We can also market your brand by utilizing social media to keep your customers informed.

Using both traditional and modern forms of media, we can help create profitable advertising campaigns featuring your products.