Becoming a hemp farmer can be a very lucrative business, but just how do you get started? What do you need to know? What are the regulations? How do you grow the plant successfully? At Hola Cannabi we take the mystery out of farming hemp successfully. 

Research will teach you that farming hemp is not a straightforward quest, but instead riddled with complications. Our team can help to consult you throughout the process to help optimize your results for the growing season. The added benefit of working with the Hola Cannabi team is that you will have access to resources across the country. Our experts will help you to connect with sponsors, processors, and retailers that will help your business to thrive.

We connect you to

  • Sponsors
  • Processors
  • Retailers

Are you ready to start growing your cannabis business?

We can handle all of your brand, marketing and advertising needs!

Full Service Marketing Agency

Creating the brand your customers trust is vital to your company’s success.  Let us help create the unique brand that separates your company from the rest.

Hola Cannabi can design your logo, develop your website and create your entire business image.  We can also market your brand by utilizing social media to keep your customers informed.

Using both traditional and modern forms of media, we can help create profitable advertising campaigns featuring your products.