Whether you’re interested in becoming a wholesaler or you currently own a store and want to purchase products for retail, our wholesale program is a good fit for you.  The consultants at Hola Cannabi will be your guide in finding the right resources, to build and grow your business. While we can help you to capitalize on the rapidly growing CBD market, we go the extra mile to ensure quality and consistency throughout the process so our retailers receive the highest quality CBD products. 

Creating a wholesale product
Hola Cannabi offers you a unique advantage in that we are in the business of helping others capitalize on the knowledge and resources we provide to enter the market at any point in the industry distribution cycle. If you want to be a wholesale distributor, we will help you find the right product that you can take to retailers and wholesale. Farmers want to farm, processors are in the business of processing, and so if you want to solely create a wholesale business our turnkey solution allows you to do just that.

Becoming a CBD retailer or CBD distributor can be a lucrative but complex process. There are regulations in place, resources and logistics that need to be coordinated.  We help you navigate the landscape of creating a brick and mortar or online retail business. Our Retail team at Hola Cannabi will walk through a process to help you determine the best fit for you to scale long-term. We will ask questions like:

  • Do you plan on carrying multiple CBD brands
  • Do you plan on carry other CBD products
  • How will you process payments
  • How will you deliver the product
  • And more..

Partnering with Hola Cannabi to help you on deciding whether to become a retailer is the first step, then we have the tools to help you launch your retail business so it’s viable and succ

Are you ready to start growing your cannabis business?

We can handle all of your brand, marketing and advertising needs!

Full Service Marketing Agency

Creating the brand your customers trust is vital to your company’s success.  Let us help create the unique brand that separates your company from the rest.

Hola Cannabi can design your logo, develop your website and create your entire business image.  We can also market your brand by utilizing social media to keep your customers informed.

Using both traditional and modern forms of media, we can help create profitable advertising campaigns featuring your products.